Accredited Canadian Nursing Education Programs

CASN Accredited Programs 2024

Only nursing programs successful in achieving accreditation status from the CASN Accreditation Bureaus, and within the term limit of the accreditation status granted, are eligible to state that they are a “CASN Accredited Program”. Any other use of the term without written CASN approval will result in legal action.

Download a pdf list of the CASN Accredited Canadian Nursing Education Programs.

The following nursing programs are currently accredited by the CASN Accreditation Bureaus. They are listed in the language in which they are offered.


The Value of Accreditation

Accreditation ExcellenceAchieving Eminence through Excellence

With over 130 schools of nursing in Canada offering entry-to-practice pre-licensure education, increased government demands for student admissions, and higher nursing student enrollment than ever recorded, formal recognition that your program meets national standards of excellence is paramount.

Your school produces nursing graduates that possess an in-depth theoretical and scientific foundation, strong clinical reasoning skills, solid clinical judgement, honed technical skills, compassion, caring, and emotional resilience. Your faculty work tirelessly to maintain the high-quality of nursing education that Canada is known for worldwide.

What positions your school in the forefront of nursing education in the eyes of students and the public?

CASN Accreditation helps you achieve educational excellence and global eminence.

Accreditation lets the world know that an institution meets or exceeds quality standards and is accredited by a recognized national agency like the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN). Accreditation tells nursing students and the public that a program has undergone a rigorous self-evaluation and an independent, objective peer appraisal of the overall educational quality. As a voluntary but challenging process that reveals strengths in your program and more importantly, areas to focus on, CASN’s Accreditation seal means your program meets high academic standards and your school is engaged in a process of continuous quality improvement.

Is it time to get accredited?

Let’s talk about your school, your students, where you are in terms of accreditation, and how we can work together to help your program stand out from the crowd! Call 613-235-3150 x 124 or email Joni Boyd <> today! Joni is CASN’s very knowledgeable and helpful Managing Director of Accreditation.

The Value of Accreditation Brochure

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