Accreditation Standards & Evidence Requirements for PN Programs

Quality Standards

The CASN Accreditation Program for PN Programs is guided by core values and fundamental principles centered around fostering continuous quality improvement and providing quality assurance. Its standards apply to new and existing programs. Check out the complete Accreditation Standards for PN Programs on our website: The standards represent the quality expectations for PN Programs and are stated broadly. The PN Accreditation Program has six standards.

  1. Leadership, Governance, and Administration
  2. Resources and Environment
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. Program Framework and Curriculum
  5. Program Outcomes
  6. Program Quality Improvement

Quality Dimensions

Four overarching quality dimensions guided the development of the PN Accreditation Program standards and are infused throughout program:

  1. Relevance: The structure, processes, and constituents of the educational unit and the education program under review are pertinent, appropriate, and responsive to the current and emerging needs of society and the profession.
  2. Accountability: The educational unit takes responsibility for the quality of its programs and is answerable in all its relationships. The education program prepares students to be life-long learners who take responsibility for a professional practice that is safe, competent, ethical, and legal.
  3. Relatedness: There is an alignment and inter-connectedness of all components of the educational unit and education program that promotes the achievement of goals and specified outcomes.
  4. Uniqueness: While the structure, processes, and constituents of an educational unit and education are expected to meet standards, how these expectations are met may be of a distinctive or unique character that allows for innovation as well as responsiveness to a particular context.

Download the CASN Accreditation Framework and Standards for Practical Nursing Programs