CASN Accreditation PN Program Testimonials

UCN Testimonials

“CASN Accreditation is a good process that draws us to consider how we can improve to meet the needs of our students and ultimately the public nursing is educated and motivated to care for. We are so proud of this program, our instructors, and our students and graduates.”

Helga Bryant RN BScN MScA, Dean, Faculty of Health, University College of the North (UCN)

“Attaining CASN Accreditation status has brought the University College of the North and the Diploma of Practical Nursing Program to a new level of recognition in the province as well as nationally. It was very rewarding to receive this level of acknowledgment.”

– Sheri Lyn McPhee RN MN NP, Associate Dean Diploma of Practical Nursing, uCollegeNorth (UCN)

“The CASN Accreditation process is important for our program as it indicates to potential students and partners that our program meets national standards, and we produce well qualified and rounded nursing graduates.”

– Sheri Lyn McPhee, UCN

“I liked that CASN Accreditation allowed us to have a more comprehensive picture of what our program is doing. It shows that we are meeting national standards, and that we provide a well-rounded program that is suited to the needs of our students from a national perspective. It also adds a measure of interest and credential to our program.”

– Sheri Lyn McPhee, UCN

VCC Testimonials

“Receiving CASN Accreditation is a testament to how good our program is at VCC and demonstrates to other programs, colleges and potential students that we have an excellent Practical Nursing Program.”

– Janita Schappert, RN, BSN, MSN, Dept. Head, Practical Nursing Program, Vancouver Community College (VCC)

“CASN Accreditation helps identify gaps in the program and where we need to focus our energy to improve. It helps identify what we are doing well and what we need to work on.”

– Janita Schappert, VCC

“We worked very hard and were united as a team to ensure that every faculty member was included. The fact we did so well with our CASN Accreditation is something the department and faculty can be very proud of.”

– Janita Schappert, VCC